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We are the leading software-as-a-service provider in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our products cater to a wide variety of businesses who want to Generate Leads, Simplify Sales & Engage with prospects using Smart Marketing. The main advantages of working with us are as follows:

Being located in one of the fastest growing metroplexes in North Texas, we strive to foster partnerships with organizations looking for growth. Learn more about our products below:

Cloud SaaS CRM

We are built for Micro to Small Businesses, that means you don't need to download any software or deal with expensive features that are designed for fortune companies.

Many CRM systems out there are either too expensive or provide little value for your money. They cram features that are there just because they need to sound catchy and loaded, regardless if they are actually useful for everyday needs.

We are different. We have built our platform to help with Lead Generation, Sales & Marketing in a very easy way and it provides just what you need to grow your small business.

This is WHY you would NOT need our CRM

* You already have a CRM (duhhh...)
* You want a CRM with bells & whistles & too many features
* You want 'everything' in a CRM (PoS, shopping cart, Invoicing are for different things, that can be added later)
* You are used to industry jargons that are crammed in other CRMs
* You want complicated user interface (complicated equals high tech for you)
* You want several plugins that may not be applicable to most common users (that's why we have option of customizing)
On contrary, if you are looking for a CRM that is light weight with heavy emphasis on Lead Generation & Prospect Qualification, we can help.

If you already have a CRM and want to use our B2B Lead Gen & Prospecting features, contact us to inquire about custom approach that's right for you.

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MLM Prospector

Our software helps with Step 1 through 6 -->

and it's so simple, that even a caveman can do it..We pride ourselves on simplicity and non-technical approach. Most MLM businesses must go through these steps, which are fun at the start but eventually become a pain in the neck. That's one of the top reasons why most people who start a MLM business quit..but the money is in the follow-up and you wish there was a better way ? Well now there is !!

Using our 3-Step Approach with Smart Funnels AI, You can setup a follow up machine which will continue to work in your sleep

  • Generate Leads using Facebook
  • Create Marketing Emails with information about how your MLM works
  • Setup Smart Funnels Connecting Leads with Email Chains

The most important part, it's very easy to setup !! Our software will handle all backend work of timely Follow up, Converting Strangers into Buyers with Ease & Separate Qualified Prospects from not-so-qualified ones, so your Sales Team focuses on those who have high probability of conversion.

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Our Advantages

Drive Efficiency

You can automate your campaigns, which will help you become more productive.

Central Data Access

Imagine all your client data in one place that can be accessible via cloud 24/7.


Stay on top of your game in timely communication with your audience using our automated funnels.

Tag Prospects

Identify sources of your leads & place them in proper segmentation buckets for sending repeat information.

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