Social Lead Generation & Prospecting For B2B Growth

Smart Funnels with Artificial Intelligence

Send Emails to Inbox More Often

Improve Deliverability, Reduce Spam

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Identify Your Ideal Clients

using Artificial Intelligence

Communicate value to interested prospects, Spend Less time courting unqualified leads & Improve Conversion

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Stop Wasting Time

On Prospects That Won't Buy

Our SmartFunnel AI identifies Red Hot Leads, so you spend less time guessing and more time closing

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Be Follow Up Smart

Stay on Top of Prospect's Mind The Right Way

Attract, Qualify & Close using Machine Learning

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Converting Strangers into Buyers

Without Hard Selling

Let AI Identify, Nurture Cold Leads & Provide Value Before Asking For Business

Let Us Help You Get This Right

Helping Prospects Express Interest

And Qualify Through Smart Marketing Funnels

By Communicating the right message at the right time, you can:

  • Weed through Unqualified Leads
  • Win More Deals with Less Efforts
  • Save Time Prospecting Cold Leads
  • Convert Strangers into Buyers with Artificial Intelligence
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Automated Lead Qualification

Less Rejections, More Conversions

We Strongly Believe it's a lot better to call warm prospects than cold lead. Using our AI Smart Funnel Technology:

  • You can Generate Leads using Facebook & Landing Pages
  • Send Leads through Funnels for automated qualifications
  • When interest is captured, Lead is marked Red Color
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Generate Leads

Drive Traffic & Build Awareness

Leverage Social Media to Get word out wherever your audience lives

  • Setup keywords applicable to your marketing strategy
  • We match potential leads using Facebook & Send Your Marketing Messages
  • We Engage on Twitter using Automated Retweets, Likes Sending Traffic to Your Webpages
  • We AutoPost on Linked In using Pre-defined Schedules & Content
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Leads + Emails + Social Media + Text + Funnels + Landing Pages + More
Everything You'll Need For Smart Selling

Increase Revenue, Improve Performance & Close More Sales

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Discover Key Insights

Based on Real Time Data

Make Better Decisions Critical to Your Success

  • Revenue Generated Monthly/Yearly
  • Deals Won/Lost & Reasons
  • Sales Pipeline & Performance
  • Lead Stage Analysis
  • Track Sales Data & Identify Improvement Areas Before It's Too Late
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