About Us

Nilesh Gunjal, Founder & CEO spent 10+ years in various technology & management roles before building NashCRM from the ground up. Over the years, he learned inside and out of SalesForce & other tools, and witnessed complications associated with various integrations, data security & customer support.

"What's the cost of maintaining relationship with 1 customer ?? Most marketing platforms are either very expensive or complicated, knowing it first hand, I wanted to build something that's easy to use and provides multiple features under one platform. " he says.

"If there is a system that saves you 10 hrs of time a month, what's the price for that ? "

He lives in Fort Worth, TX with wife and a son.

Why Us

  • We are local

    That means, no need to dial 1-800 numbers when you have an issue. We can listen and work around your needs and suggest custom solutions that would make your work life more easier.

  • We bring multiple tools in one place

    Having to use multiple tools on disparate platforms is a constant hassle. That's why we bring most of tools necessary to get the job done in one seamless platform. That means all client data at one place for easy reference.

  • We are small

    Which means, we care about every client and you are more than just a user to us. We strive for earning your business as we are invested in your long term success


We want to make a change

According to SBA, 50% of businesses fail during the first year and 33% during first 2 years. We realized that beginning years are crucial for survival to any small business. This was a problem and we decided to do something about it.

That's why we are giving away a CRM for every CRM we sell to those businesses that are in need. We work with several Chamber of Commerce partners to fulfill our mission by providing our beginner CRM to qualified small businesses.

If you want to be qualified for Free CRM, Request it via your local chamber of commerce with a letter explaining why do you think a CRM will help you and how you plan on using it (We don't want our technology being abused by someone who either don't know what to do with it or likes a freebie, so this gives us a sense of how "serious" a business is in terms of putting in efforts).

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CRM Comparison

If you are price conscious buyer, read this

Here is a CRM Comparison that explains the real cost of CRM systems. As you can see, most CRMs out there will get you hooked to lower costs, but you will pay more in terms of headaches, heartbreaks, extra integration costs, training fees, installation charges..and some even charge you for customer support.
You need to decide if you want a Mercedes, BMW, Toyota or a simple "cash-car" that will take you from A to B. Ultimately, if price is your way of deciding, then there are many cheap options littered in marketplace. If you want to work with someone who will not leave you hanging in the middle, consider giving us a try.

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How we are different

You get what you pay for

Here is a recent comparison chart done by one of our competitor. Based on our own experience, we believe that No other marketing system is as simple, easy and affordable as ours. Forget about clumpsy features of expensive systems that comes with contracts and asks you to pay for training and welcome to the simplicity of cloud based marketing system.

Compare Our Low Prices to HubSpot, InfusionSoft Or Big Commerce . Yes, some of competitors provide features & infrastructures that far exceed what most businesses need, but that's the question you need to ask; Do you need such a mind boggling platform to get stuff done ? As you can see, it comes with added complexity and costs too. During early years of start up phase, you don't need all the bells-and-whistles, instead save the expenses and headaches by giving us a try.

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Our Process


We believe that technology should be easy, especially for non technical folks. That's why our No.1 goal is to make our platform so simple that anyone can use it to efficiently market their small business.

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We take it very seriously to protect our customers data. That's why our cloud platform is supported by top tier SSL protection that is best of the best in the industry.

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We understand that not everyone fits our vision & we want to work with very select few. Our goal is to get you started on the right footing and help you along the way . That's why our platform is priced to provide the best value.

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